FONNZA is a political movement / community born out of the perception that the dismal current state of New Zealand Politics, with its policies and global agenda, is destroying our nation, and the historical Kiwi way of life we have proudly loved for generations.

The once inalienable rights and freedoms of Kiwis are being systematically, purposefully, and strategically stolen from us through constructed political narratives that breed fear and compliance to manipulate the pubic toward furthering the agenda of a Global form of Neo-Marxism, spearheaded by the United Nations, in alliance with its subsidiaries like the World Health Organisation, and in partnership with Big Tech giants, plus Mainstream and Social Media.

FONNZA is a community that demands our country back and opposes any foe that threatens to take it from us.

FONNZA evidences the reality of the Globalised Neo-Marxist agenda by referring doubters to the documentation of the Globalist Neo-Marxists themselves which available for all to see in the associated documents of the United Nations Agenda 2021, Agenda 2030, The World Health Organisation’s explicit goals, and the goals of partner organisations like the World Economic Forum, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and many others alike.

An accusation of Conspiracy comes only from the uninformed who either are not concerned and / or are committed simply believing the sustained propaganda emanating through Government partners in Mainstream and Social Media.

FONNZA believes that this Government has utilised slick well-constructed political, social, and environmental narratives as mechanisms to subtly enact and further its Neo-Marxist Global goals.

This social engineering has been effective by manipulating the populace into submission to its ideologies, and utilising political weapons such as fear, censorship, and social sanctioning through narratives constructed around issues such as gender, immigration, environmentalism, gun control, health, hate speech, race issues, Covid-19, Climate change among others, to progress is Globalist Neo-Marxist agenda.

FONNZA holds that it has been allowed to do so through the erosion of the values of:

  • LIBERTY (Culture and Freedom)
  • LIFE

The gradual erosion and invalidation of these values has cultivated a political and social climate ripe for the ideologies of a Globalised form of Neo-Marxism to establish itself in our once proudly Democratic, transparent, honourable, healthy, compassionate and safe nation.

There is no quick fix.

FONNZA believes that the way to win back our nation, is to re-seed the lost values of Integrity, Sovereignty, Life and Liberty back into the seed bed of New Zealand society. Community relationship is essential to achieve this goal. Real people, face to face, committed, meeting to discuss, share, support, educate, empower, plan, and take action to reclaim the New Zealand Authentic we have loved for generations.

FONNZA needs Kiwis of all kinds to unite together in this historical cause to fight the insidious enemy that has overrun us.

FONNZA is therefore nonpartizan, and welcomes any, and all who embrace the FONNZA values.

These four values have been chosen as foundational focus strategically at the respectful decline to enter into the issues of the multitude of other diverse and concerning issues that we might personally be concerned with.

Too many issues invite too much division. The greater the division; the less impact FONNZA will have.

Hence, we limit our focus to these four values believing that adherence to them will work to the resolve of most of the others and acknowledging that FONNZA members will be free to purse their own points of passion under their own esteem.

We hope that those in the FONNZA community will become catalysts to take these values and reseed them back into New Zealand society and culture through their sphere of influence, at home, in the community, in the workplace, education hubs, and into local and central Government regardless of party and affiliation to win back the heart and soul of the nation.

While the FONNZA initiative was formulated by Carl Bromley, however FONNZA seeks to function as a mutually respectful community, under a constitutional approach. Thus, though we appreciate the need of some organisational structure, FONNZA is committed to looking to its constitution as the Governing good authourity, rather than an individual or elite.