Who is FONNZA?

FONNZA is a political movement / community. We are non-partisan, anyone who endorses / supports FONNZA's values is welcome. It might be that those who align with FONNZA might be associated to various parties and movements. We hope that the values of FONNZA will be sown into the parties and movements that our alleys are members of. It could be that Political candidates may emerge from FONNZA; and there are some that would like to see FONNZA become a Political party. Who knows what the future might bring.

In order to be a inclusive as possible, and to avoid unhelpful division, FONNZA is focused on the four FONNZA values:

  • LIFE

FONNZA is not a platform for other topics and issues that individuals might be passionate about.

With respect to people’s personal convictions regarding many controversial issues and topics often referred to as ‘conspiracies’, however valid; FONNZA is not a place to campaign or promote diverse controversial issues.

We hope that the four values will be instrumental for our nation in contributing to discovering and truth pervasively.

Although there are obvious administrative roles and offices in any organisation or community, FONNZA has no head per se.

FONNZA seeks a constitutional governance, as we would like to see adopted as a Nation. FONNZA is accountable and guided by its constitutional values and foundational principles.

This way we seek to avoid ‘personality politics’, destructive ego issues, judgement, and micromanagement. We seek to value the contributions of gifts, talents, skills, and abilities that all FONNZA alleys bring, and to see them supported in using them for our mutual cause.